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Jordan J. Shin, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor
Revised December 23, 2015
Jordan's office is in Suite 318
My Philosophy and Approach to Counseling
I am a Person-Centered, Integrative counselor. As a Person-Centered counselor, I believe that my job as a counselor is to understand your experience without judgment and communicate my understanding to you, and that healing and change come from this process of understanding. As an Integrative counselor, I also believe that there is no one right way of counseling that works for every client; I believe it is my job to find out what techniques of counseling would work best for you, given what I understand about you.

Formal Education and Training
I hold a Master's degree in Counseling from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Major coursework covered topics such as human growth and development, social and cultural foundations, helping relationships, group work, career and lifestyle development, appraisal, research and program evaluation, and professional orientation.

Continuing Education and Supervision Requirements
As a licensee of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, I will abide by its Code of Ethics. To maintain my license, I am required to participate in annual continuing education, by taking classes dealing with subjects relevant to this profession. I may substitute professional supervision for part of this requirement.

Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Professional Counselor, #C2690, since 2011

Professional Disclosure Statement: PDF

Transfer of Care
In case of my death or incapacity, the custody of my clients' counseling records and responsibility for ensuring continuity of care for my clients will be transferred to a licensed mental health professional.

Contact Information for the Counseling Hut
The Counseling Hut
132 East Broadway, Suite 318
Eugene, Oregon 97401-3142
541-342-8144 (Phone/TTY)
541-342-1724 (Fax) (E-mail)

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